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Wholehearted Recovery

The Blessings of Recovery


  • From the curse of addiction comes the blessings of recovery.
  • There is life after drugs and alcohol - its a very good life.
  • Our many demons bring us many gifts if we are prepared to face them - dont give up.
  • Recovery is infectious but so is relapse - choose your path and your companions carefully.
  • Recovery is a blank canvas - take advantage of the reality of no-self.
  • Recovery is a fertile field on which the seeds of future happiness are sown. The new shoots need gentle care and attention to grow to complete spiritual maturity.
  • The (recovery) journey of 1000 miles starts with the ground beneath your feet (intention).
  • Anyone new to Buddhist recovery might be said to have dont know mind and anyone not quite there yet might be said to have dont know yet, mind; but anyone still engaged in the delusion of addiction might be said to have dont want to know mind.
  • Surrender and acceptance of things as they are is akin to recognising the First Ennobling Truth.
  • Whether we are addicts or not, we should remember the Buddhas teaching that we can search the whole ten-fold Universe but still not find a single Being more deserving of our Loving-kindness than the one right here - yourself.


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